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Jessie O'Neill's story helps give voice to the pain and isolation that wealth can bring, as well as the opportunity for the personal and spiritual growth it can provide.


-- Tian Dayton, Ph.D., & Author

Services - Affluenza Therapy, Keynotes and Consultation

People Watching PresentationJessie O'Neill combines her personal and professional experience to offer an expert's view on the trends and needs related to money. Marketing/research firms and media world-wide recognize her as the international authority on money, wealth and other money-related topics. As a licensed therapist, Jessie O'Neill also offers phone and in-person counseling and consultations to individuals, couples and groups.


All keynotes can be either experiential--involving varying degrees of audience participation--or primarily educational. They vary in length and can be tailored to fit your needs. Each presentation will include a brief discussion of Jessie H. O'Neill's book, The Golden Ghetto: The Psychology of Affluence, followed by a question and answer period and book signing. The book, as well as other CD's & tapes, will be available.


Therapy, Keynotes and Consultation Services Include Topics Such As...


How To Better Serve Your Affluent Client: A Psychological Profile

Have you ever wondered why your affluent business assoicates and prospects respond the way they do? What are the psycho-dynamics of money? Do you wish you could "reach" them and understand them better? Would you like to know how to attract wealthy clients and keep them? By learning about the unique personality traits--what makes the wealthy "tick"--you can more effectively and efficiently build lasting and trusting relationships.You will find out why people act the way they do when money is involved and how to better help them and yourself make healthier and wiser financial decisions. As an "insider" to the world of wealth and a licensed psychotherapist, Jessie O'Neill is imminently qualified to teach the art of building trust and creating lasting, profitable relationships with your clients, employers, or employees--anyone whose life you touch in the financial arena.


Affluenza, Climate Change & Loss of Biodiversity

In this new and exciting presentation, Jessie looks at how the consequences of professional and personal affluenza have contributed to the most challenging crisis of our time. However, she ends on a positive note as she explains how we can use our resources to turn the tide and potentially avoid this impending disaster.A popular subject for schools, trust companies, philanthropic organizations and others.

Emotional Literacy Around Financial Matters: How to Increase Your Personal and Professional Productivity

This presentation offers indespensable tools for anyone wishing to bring more focus and balance to their own financial matters and those of their family, clients, or employees. A popular subject for financial advisors, corporations, law firms, trust companies, family offices, and insurance companies.

Affluenza & The Myth of the American Dream

This presentation explores the history of affluenza, how it affects us individually and culturally. It shows us how and why we must all work together to build a new American Dream. This presentation delivers a strong endorsement of philanthropy as a tool for sound financial planning and a cure for affluenza.A popular topic for: non-profits, universities and other educational/psychological facilities interested in educating their staff, students, and donors.

Affluenza & The Psychology of Money

This presentation looks at the broader definition of affluenza and the unique psychology of money; how and why it drives us, the psychology of success, and how it affects those around us. A popular subject for psychological organizations, hospitals and continuing education for therapists, other health care providers and financial advisors interested in knowing what makes their clients "tick."

Sudden Wealth Syndrome: Symptoms and Solutions

This presentation is frequently sought by financial advisors, trust officers, law firms, bankers, insurance companies as an indispensable tool to aid their clients in making healthier and clearer financial decisions. This is an in-depth examination of this particular part of affluenza.

Money Dearest: Healing From Affluenza

This presentation looks at a broad spectrum of tools available to help us and/or our clients heal from this "dis-ease." A popular subject for hospitals, therapeutic facilities, and health care providers.

Medicating Our Misery: Affluenza & Addiction

Through education, awareness and changing our behavior concerning money, we are taught how to transform money from the "giant band-aid," supporting our denial and enabling our addictions, into the single most powerful transformational substance working for health and well-being in our lives. This program can be tailored to address a particular relationship between money and an addictive substance or the more general application of money to the addictive process. Examples: Money & Food, Money & Alcoholism, Money & Sex, etc. Particularly popular at substance abuse treatment facilities, 12 step retreats, and hospitals.


Strange Bedfellows: Money & Intimacy

An educational, experiential workshop for couples and/or families. Cognitively and behaviorally examining how money/wealth affects our intimate relationships. Topics include: money & sex; money & the family; and money & friends. A popular subject for keynotes, family interventions, and couples' workshops.


Raising Healthy Children in an Affluent Society

  1. How to raise psychologically healthy children in our affluent society and in individual wealthy families.
  2. An educational and experiential workshop/keynote/family intervention on understanding and healing the generational damage of affluenza within our culture and our families.
  3. Spiritual, emotional and practical tools of healthy parenting.
  4. How to diagnose and treat the "Silver Spoon Syndrome" and the never-enough mentality in the dysfunctional affluent family. Particularly popular at conferences, schools, churches and with women's organizations.


Using Wealth to Nurture Mind, Body & Spirit

In this presentation we take a close look at the true definition of wealth; the challenge of balancing the thoughts or intellect with the physical and spiritual. A popular subject for spas, retreat centers, churches, synagogues, and wellness/therapeutic facilities.


The Emotionally Healthy Transfer of Wealth from One Generation to the Next

Prepare yourself, your clients, and your children for the emotional legacy of inherited or sudden wealth. Learn about affluenza and how to recognize the symptoms in yourself and others. Learn how philanthropy can serve you and your clients. A popular topic for companies and organizations interested in serving and educating their clients, CEO's, donors and families.


The Losses of Riches: Having Too Much

This presentation details the results of affluenza run rampant. It examines the dysfunctional personality traits and behaviors among the mega-rich. An instructive and educational topic for organizations wishing to educate their employees or staff about the personality profile of the wealthy. It is popular at spas, resorts, financial firms, legal firms, and family offices


Through the Eye of a Needle: Wealth & Spirituality

In this presentation we examine both the stumbling blocks and the support that wealth may create in the pursuit of the spiritual. We look at ways to nurture the spirit with financial, as well as emotional wealth.